Trachsel Winds Blowing!

       Now that Steve Trachsel has cleared waivers Minaya and company are testing the trade waters. One rumor that continues to have legs is the on-going talks with the Red Sox. No doubt Boston can use another solid starter, the question is what will they give up?   
       Two names that  could make the deal a reality are Anibal Sanchez– the #3 Pitching Prospect in the Bosox system, and Kelly Shoppach-their Triple-A Catcher. Sanchez has nice numbers this year while pitching at A(Wilmington) and AA ball (Portland). Combined he is 9-5 in 24 Starts with a 2.52 ERA and 153 K’s in 132 IP. He’s probably a year or two away , but is only 21 and throws a mid-nineties fastball with excellent control. He has a drop-dead curve and a plus changeup. He would be a great catch for the Mets and can replenish the Mets kiddie pitching corps a bit after the losses of Kazmir(Traded) and Humber (TJ surgery).

       Shoppach is a young powerful hitting Catcher(26 HRs- ’05) who is ready to be a solid backup. With Varitek and Mirabelli signed, there is no room for Kelly in Boston. Minaya is probably trying to talk Theo Epstein into parting with Lefty Jon Lester or Jon Papelbon. But I would put my Minaya money on some deal being worked out and if the Mets end up with Sanchez and Shoppach for Trachsel that would just be another Met boon for the future! 

                                                                                                        Carl The Cabbie


  1. charles

    Papelbon and Lester are going nowhere. Lester is the best of the bunch with four solid pitches. Papelbon just has to learn how to pitch. The Red Sox would get rid of Shoppach right now if they could and the Mets could do it for a lot less than Trachsel if they were smart. All they need to know is a little something about Shoppach.

  2. Carl

    I agree Charles—but it doesn’t mean that Minaya woudn’t try. I think the Mets are really zeroing in on Sanchez. Trachsel for Sanchez and Shoppach is a very realistic possibility.

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