Dear Herm

Herm_1Dear Herm,Jets_logo_3

I understand it’s been just one game, and I do not believe the Jets are nearly  as bad a team as they looked Sunday, but I do have a few grievances:

I tought you guys fired Paul Hackett! I was hitting about .800 on your play calling and I didn’t do any scouting like Vermeil and his crew.

Do you really think Penningtons’ arm is as healthy as you say? Because it looked like he was slinging a shotput out there.

And lastly, do you really believe Doug Jolley was worth a 1st Rd. Pick?


 WEEK 2                         Jets  Player of the Game   Week 1Baker_5_3


                    TE- Chris Baker–    REC.       YDS.       TDS

                                                         7            124           1       


One comment


    I like Dear Herm, but I think you need to stay positive. I think you should seperate yourself from the pack of bitter New York sportwriters. For example, the last question: “do you really believe Doug Jolley was worth a 1st Rd. Pick?”
    The obvious answer is no. Your purpose seems only to humiliate the Jets organization. If it were a press conference, Herm’s answer would be brief, and he would fix you with a stare that would make you tremble in your boots.

    Instead, you might cast a different light on the subject without avoiding the problem, “Dear Herm,” you might ask, “What kind of contribution do you see Doug Jolley making to the team?”

    Put it out there – give Herm a chance to express his enthusiasm – and watch Doug Jolley have a pro bowl season.

    Let’s try to avoid directing all of our pent-up aggravation about the Jets, indeed, about our lives struggling in New York, all on Herm who is the first to understand the gravity of the situation.

    As for Pennington, when does a team admit their QB’s arm is weak before the game? It’s like telling the cornerbacks to pinch in. The only people they owe such an admission are gamblers who get up early wearing the same clothes they slept in, who don’t brush their teeth, who neglect their girlfriends and churches on Sunday, and who rub their grubby palms together in anticipation of the kick-off.

    We want Chad in there so long as he can lift a ball. Once his arm proved weak, who would you rather have in there? Chad is the man.

    He didn’t do that bad either. Look at the numbers: 62% completion rate, one inty, 264 yards on the road. No tds 😦 but . . suffice to say it was a rough day.

    As for the comment about play-calling, if you batted .800, I assume you mean to say their plays were obvious and easy to defend. But how about a little credit for the Chiefs’ defense and home field advantage. If play calling is an issue, don’t ask Herm – Tell Herm! You got any ideas? Don’t just grumble.

    Let’s see what they have next week.

    I’m staying positive – I’m still fired up!

    Dan from Long Island

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