“And The Winner Is…”

Neck_and_neck_tn_3Here are some last minute Fantasy tips to help you with that final lean to the finish line:

The White Sox have Clinched!!  Expect Paul Konerko, Aaron Rowand, Jermaine Dye, Scott Podsednik, Tadahito Iguchi, and A.J Pierzynski to all take a blow this weekend.  Two Pitchers you might want to steer clear of are Mark Buehrle and Jon Garland. Both will most likely make their starts, but with Cleveland needing to win and the ChiSox playing the pine- I’d lay off.

Last Time Around- My Cabbie’s "Final Fare" Picks:

                            Matt Cain vs Arizona (Fri.)Lowe_7
                            Francisco Liriano vs Detroit (Fri.)
                            Derek Lowe @ San Diego (Fri.)
                            Doug Davis @ Pittsburgh (Fri.)

                            Joe Blanton @ Seattle (Sat)
                            Jake Westbrook vs ChiSox (Sat.)
                            Jae Seo "Good" vs Colorodo (Sat.)

                            Zack Duke vs Milwaukee (Sun.)
                            Scott Kazmir vs Baltimore (Sun.)
                            Jeff Weaver @ San Diego (Sun.)

The Nine Man Rotation (The "Hail Mary" Approach)

Here’s a strategy for anyone in 180 start limit leagues with daily
pickups. If you need those few extra strikeouts or wins and your ERA
and WHIP is static in the standings, try leaving yourself with no more than 179 starts the day before the final game of the season. Then, pick
up as many starters as you need (up to nine) and make a last minute
point grab in strikeouts and wins. This way, your team will be allowed
to exceed the 180 games started limit- at least in ESPN leagues. I
didn’t have such great results when I employed this strategy for one of
my teams on Wednesday, but Hail Marys do get caught every now and then.

Here’s a good final weekend Mantra to repeat to yourself- "EVERYBODY"S DROPPABLE!!!"

PR– If you aren’t going to spend the time to analyze the weekend
matchups, at least pay attention to the Player Ratings. See who the
Hottest hitters and pitchers are over the last two weeks. I’ll bet many
of you aren’t aware that Pittsburgh 2B/SS/3B Freddy Sanchez is the 20th
hottest hitter over the last two weeks. Cory Sullivan is rated 44th
over the last 15 games and could be a good bet for a stolen base or two
against Mike Piazza and the Mets.

R & R (Rest and Rookies)

Redduke_15Now is the time to pick up rookies like third basemen Brad Eldred of
Pittsburgh and Nationals’ number one
pick (2005) Ryan Zimmerman. I mentioned him before, and I’ll mention
him again, Baltimore second baseman Bernie Castillo is a good bet for
steals. Make sure you pay attention to the playing status of veterans-
Fantasy stars Vladimir Guerrero, Andruw Jones and Albert Pujols are all likely to get
some R&R over the weekend.  And lastly, my rookie pitcher of the week is Matt Cain of the Giants.


                                      Good luck Fantasy managers!

                            And don’t give up until the "Fat Lady Sings".






                                                                                                                                     Carl The Cabbie

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