The Quisenberry Effect— Boston’s Flip Side

Twoheaded_flamingoTheo Epstein has very quietly created an interesting two-sided monster in the Bosox bullpen. Some time in the not so distant past, the spirit of Dan Quisenberry entered Epstein’s soul. Here’s what happened— lefty-sidearmer, Mike Myers was acquired from Seattle in the summer of 2004 for basically nothing (cash considerations). And then in a last minute change of heart Epstein traded a couple of prospects to get Myers back in March 2005 after he let the Cardinals sign him away in the offseason. ThisChad_bradfordchadoka1_2 is where I believe the spirit of Quiz entered into Mr. Epstein and he hatched the idea of the two-sided monster. Shortly after the Myers trade, Epstein began talking with Billy Beane about the availability of righty-sidearmer, Chad Bradford. Then in July, just before the deadline, an unhappy Jay Payton helped Epstein revive talks with the A’s. On July 13th, Payton was shipped to Oakland for Bradford and Boston had the right-left submarine combo for the bullpen that Epstein had envisioned.

Myers_11_4It was very evident in last night’s Yankee-Red Sox game that Myers and Bradford can be an effective late-inning change-up against this Yankee lineup. In the eighth inning, with his long, languid windup- Bradford caught Gary Sheffield completely off-balance and got him to ground weekly to shortstop. The flip-side, Mike Myers then entered. Hideki Matsui made a valiant attempt with one foul ball after another, but eventually Myers got a very awkward Hideki Matsui to strikeout.

With Knuckle-baller Tim Wakefield pitching tomorrow and the flip-side
bridging the gap to Mike Timlin, the Yankees might not get good wood on many
balls. Yes, first there was the Curse of Babe Ruth and now there is the Spirit of Quiz. Nice job Theo—you done good!

                Carl the Cabbie



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