Remembering “them Bums”

EbbetsCongratulations to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ historic first championship. After failing five times to dethrone the **** Yankees as World Champions, Johnny Podres pitched a complete game shutout at Yankee Stadium as the Bums beat their nemesis, the NY Yankees 2-0 in the deciding seventh game of the 1955 World Series. Gil Hodges drove in both runs and leftfielder Sandy Amoros made a great running catch on a Yogi Berra liner in the bottom of the sixth, then threw to first base to double off Yankee first baseman Gil McDougald and squelch the Yankees best chance to score.



Happy 50th!


  1. Paul

    I am the author of All Things Cardinal and wanted to share this summer’s experience at Dodger Stadium during the 50 year anniversary celebration of the Bums’ Series victory in ’55. The game was a lopsided matchup of the Dodgers’ mediocre pitcher Weaver against the Rocket. The game however turned into a pitching duel, with Weaver taking the win in a 1-0 victory. The Bums including Snider, Craig, Lasorda, Labine, Podres and of course, Koufax, who was not yet the real Sandy Koufax in ’55 were all in attendance. At the seventh, when many Dodger fans begin to head for their cars, there was commotion around our seats as people chased down someone for autographs. I jumped up, prodded by my 12 year old son and snared a rare autograph from Koufax – a true prize.

  2. Carl

    Nice Paul. That is a true prize. And thanks for mentioning who attended. Did Zimmer show up, I think he actually played 2B in that game. For me it was getting Willie Randolph, Micky Rivers, Billy Martin, George Steinbrenner and Phil Rizzuto’s authoghraphs on the night Guidry struck out 18 Angels. Being 8 has it’s advantages, even though Reggie did tell us to *%$#^@ off!

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