Furcal—“No Second Thoughts”

The Metropolitans have the makings of a future all-star infield. It’s all but official that Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya will give hot prospect Mike Jacobs a real look as the starting first baseman next season. If they forge ahead with their plan to go hard after former american league Rfurcal1all-star catcher, Benji Molina of the Anaheim Angels then they would have only one piece left, to complete the makings of a young and formidable infield.

After a season covering second base with a potpourri of career backups and failed Japanese import, Kaz Matsui- the Mets should have no second thoughts about securing the services of Atlanta Brave free agent shortstop, Rafael Furcal. Furcal has made it known that he would accept a switch to second base if the Mets were to sign him over the winter. Jose Reyes and Rafael Furcal at the top of the batting order would give the Mets the most dynamic duo of table setters since Vince Coleman and Willie Mcgee sat a top Whitey Herzog’s "running" Red Birds in the mid and late eighties. Together this past season, Reyes and Furcal swiped 106 bases in 131 attempts (81%). Met_classic3_5

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