Dear Herm,

Herm_1_1Dear Herm,Jets_logo_3_3

My heart goes out to you and Gang Green. Injuries have ravaged your roster, so I don’t blame you for not having all cylinders working. But, I still must take umbrage with you.

First, I commend you for keeping the ranks motivated- everyone played their hearts out on Sunday. The problem I have with you is strategic. I see no benefit in playing old man Testaverde. I hope you have finally figured out that Brooks Bollinger must play. Here is a chance to develop a quality and fiery backup quarterback for next season. If you want to get creative, go talk to the Chargers and gage their interest in dealing quarterback, Phillip Rivers. I’ll bet a number one pick and a quality defender like Bryan Thomas could get it done.

That brings me to my second beef with you- creativity. Herm, the one obvious area that Brooks gives you an upgrade in over your other quarterbacks is speed. This guy can scramble. He is probably one of the top five best scramblers in the NFL. Call some roll outs, how about a play action or two. Your play calling on the last drive when the Jets had first and goal from the Chargers three yard line was about as creative as a couple of kids playing hide ‘n seek with their eyes open— pass left, run up the middle, pass left, pass right. Come on man, pitch it out, boot leg your quarterback, at least have him roll out and give him an option to run it in. Jeez Herm, even Paul Hackett was laughing at you.

Finally, hire a draft guy for your war room. Your net gain from your top two draft picks ends up being a worthless tight end, Doug Jolley and a mediocre kicker, Mike Nugent. O’k, you scored with kick returner, Justin Miller but I have a feeling that was just dumb luck. And, by the way, have you checked out the type of season Santana Moss is having in Washington?

Week 10
                             Jets Player of the Game  Week 9   Bollinger_22    
QB-  Brooks Bollinger–    COMP    ATT    YDS    TDS
                                                              11         20     106        2

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