Herm_1_2Dear Herm,
The Jets have become completely unwatchable. I know, you know and everyone in Kansas City knows you’re going to replace **** Vermeil as the Chiefs’ head coach at season’s end. Your Larry Brownesque comments this past week about your desire to remain as the Jets’ coach next year were so duplicitous that I hear Lewis Libby prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has been hired by Jets’ owner Woody Johnson to look into perjury charges should you weasel your way out of your contract. You said you want to be here in your press conference but, you kept saying that the most important thing is that you leave this team better than it was before you got here, so the next coach has something to build on. Well, thanks for nothing Herm, because whoever takes over is going to have to start from scratch. Next time you want to boost morale on a team that has been decimated by injuries, try zipping your lip.

Notes to general manager, Terry Bradaway— Fire Herm before he has a chance to jump ship; hire Jim Fassel (a real stand up guy with an actual offensive gameplan); draft USC star running back Reggie Bush if he’s still on the board and go trade for Chargers’ quarterback (QB) Phillip Rivers, or Eagles’ QB Mike McMahon, or Falcons’ QB Matt Schaub. Let’s get this ship righted the minute the season ends. Jets’ fans deserve the best and one thing I’ve learned over the last few seasons is that Herm Edwards is not the best.

Some readers might think I am being especially tough on Herm, but it’s only because I can’t stand coaches who check out when the going gets tough. If the Chiefs’ job does open up next season, as it appears it will, and Herm decides to stay with the Jets, I will eat my words and post a personal apology to Mr. Edwards on this blog. As a betting man, I would say the odds of that happening are a million to one.

Week 12                             Jets Player of the Game Week 11Jets_fan

Saints_1                                   Any Jets’ fan who
                          sat through the entire game


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