Dear Mr. Edwards

Herm_1_3I would like to apologize for my rabid overreactions over the past few weeks. While I still hold true to all the grievences I’ve written you in the past, I tip my capJets_logo_3_6 to you. It looks like your players haven’t jumped ship. The Jets never quit and if not for that bogus intentional grounding call, Mike Nugent would be slathered in Dom Perignon right about now. Ya know Herm, I think you’re actually a good leader, a real good man, but I do think we would benefit by bringing in a new coach next season. Anyway, great job this week. Martin ran well, and Bollinger was a catylist. But, I’ve got to give the Jets Player of the Game to Nugent. So, he falls short by a lousy foot on a 53-yard Field Goal (FG) attempt on the final play of the game—Nugent kicked his heart out and accounted for most of the Jets’ offense on the night.



       Go Nugent!!! 




Atta Boy!!!   


                                                                        Jets  Player of the Game  Week 12 
Fg_good_1                                                                                        Mike Nugent   
                                                                              FGM      FGA    LNG (Yds)    PTS
                                                                                 4               5       (45)              13

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