Strike Contingency Plan!!!!!!!!!!!!! 









  1. dangwirtzman@aol.com

    Taxi drivers are getting alot of flack about overcharging their customers. What do you think is the real issue there?

  2. Carl

    Truth is, there are a lot of *irtbags who drive cabs, but I guarantee you there are some gentleman riding out there too-they just don’t make as good a story. The City messed up with the zone rules and they made life miserable for Cabbies by not allowing them to come into the City without at least 4 people in their Cabs (5am-11am). Most Cabbies’ garages are in Queens and Brooklyn, this stupid rule had the reverse effect of promoting empty Taxis in Manhattan. The City should have offered an incentive-like any cabbies picking up people outside of Manhattan at designated Pooling areas gets a ticket and forevery ticket he gets an extra ten to twenty bucks when he returns them to the City. The City did not make any deal with Cabbies, they just made a very confusing zone chart that caused tons of bickering and told the Cabbies these are the new rules.

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