The Manny Mill

Mannywindmill3_3While the free-agent market is turning into a small time vending station, the trade market is bracing for a blockbuster of "King Kong" proportions. For the moment, all things Manny go through Baltimore. The latest Manny  trade winds are blowing east with heavy gusts towards Shea Stadium. The NY Daily News is reporting a possible four-team deal with Miguel Tejada and Manny Ramirez acting as the center pieces. The Mets, Orioles, Red Sox and Devil Rays are the ones stirring the pot.

First, remember to take anything the sensationalist Daily News says with restraint. While it’s almost a given that Manny is moving on, their are too many pieces to this puzzle to hone in on exactly what players would be involved as part of such a mega-deal. Further complicating a possible four-team deal are the on-going talks between the Orioles and Cubs in a deal that would send Tejada to Chi-town for Mark Prior or Carlos Zambrano. The Mets are also talking to the Rays about a separate deal for Danys Baez to beef up their bullpen. Four-team deals are extremely complicated— for this trade to occur creating the perfect alchemy is the major challenge. According to the News, this is how the trade could shape up:

Mets Get
RF-Manny Ramirez (Red Sox)
P-Danys Baez (Devil Rays)Manny_ramirez_manny0620_2

Red Sox Get
SS-Miguel Tejada (Orioles)
OF-Joey Gathright (Devil Rays)

Orioles Get
SS-Julio Lugo (Devil Rays)
P-Matt Clement (Red Sox)
P-Kris Benson (Mets)

Devil Rays Get
3B-Andy Marte (Red Sox)
P-Aaron Heilman (Mets)
P-Jae Seo (Mets)
2B-Kaz Matsui (Mets)

Cabbie Analysis

This deal almost makes sense. I still don’t think Tampa Bay or anybody else will alleviate the Mets of their Kaz Matsui burden, but maybe getting Marte would make it worth it for them. The problem with this whole scenario is that I cannot imagine that Orioles’ general manager Mike Flanagan would be willing to part with Tejada for two average starters, who are owed a ton of money, and a shortstop who is a free-agent next season. I’m also dubious of the idea that the Red Sox would part with Marte in any deal involving Manny.

If this trade really does come to fruition, the Mets would probably have to make another deal because they would then be short two starting pitchers. My Cabbie gut tells me that Manny is more likely to end up in New York in a straight deal or a less complicated three-team deal. Also, don’t be surprised  if the Angels resurface as a player in the Manny sweepstakes. The Halos need line-up protection badly for Vladimar Guerrero and they are stocked with high-level prospects and bullpen stalwarts. A Kelvim Escobar, Casey Kotchman, Garret Anderson package might be enticing to the Bosox. Furthermore, Arturo Moreno (Angels’ owner) has shown that he is willing to spend for star power, especially if the player is latin. Marketing-wise, the surrounding area of Santa Ana contains the largest per-capita latin community in the Country- a community that would most likely embrace Manny Ramirez as fervently as they did Vlad. Manny would probably feel very comfortable as he would be the 15th latin-born (6th player from the Dominican Republic) player on th Angels roster.







            Carl the Cabbie



    As crazy and complicated as this deal seems to be, I think it just might work. All teams concerned get what they’re looking for.


    “A Kelvim Escobar, Casey Kotchman, Garret Anderson package might be enticing to the Bosox.”

    I disagree. Even with many holes to fill, I really think Boston’s big overwhelming target is Tejada. Usually when teams offer up a deal to Boston for Manny, Boston tells them it’s not enought. This time out however, Boston was the one to add to the deal by including Clement in the deal too. That’s why I think they’ll use Manny to get Tejada.

  3. Carl

    I think Miggy for Manny is very possible, but the O’s don’t want Clement’s hefty contract—if the Sox exchange Papelbon or maybe Arroyo for Clement, the O’s would probably go for it especially with Miggy squaking more than ever. Whatever the Bosox do, Manny will not be starting for them come spring.


    As a Yankees fan, I’m hoping that Manny goes to the NL (ie, the Mets) so they don’t have to face Manny any time soon.

    If Manny goes to Baltimore, I wouldn’t care too much. But if Manny were to go to the Los Angeles Anaheim Angels, that would be bad for the Yankees.

    At this point however, it looks like the Tejada-Manny thing (involving the Mets and Tampa Bay) would be most likely case.

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