Dear Jets’ Fans,

*The name of this running column has changed from "Dear Herm"

I warned you. The charade is up! Even a one-eyed blind mouse could see
this comin’. Herm was out the door in early November, (Read my "Dear Herm" from 11/21) the moment Vermeil started singing like a swan. Herm Edwards
marriage with the Chiefs has been the worst kept secret since Larry
Brown blatently two-faced his way out of Detroit. Herm has a long
history with the Chiefs’ organization and his loyalties with them run
deep. Former coach **** Vermeil gave him his start in the NFL by signing him as an undrafted free-agent for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1977. President Carl Peterson
gave Herm his first coaching break in 1989 when Herm joined the Chiefs
as a participant in the NFL’s Minority Coaching Fellowship program. He
became an assistant under long time Chiefs’ coach Marty Scottenheimer and had several different coaching roles between 1990-1995. From 1996-2001 he was a lead assistant coach under Tony Dungy in Tampa Bay. The Jets hired him in 2001 after Al Groh resigned.

Pack_bags222_4So, while Herm is busy folding his pajamas, all that’s left to figure out
is how high a draft pick the Chiefs will give the Jets for them to let
Herm walk. I say that Woody Johnson (Jets’ owner) should tip
his cap to Herm, thank him for his dedication, wish him all the best,
and then tell Peterson, ‘Herm is all yours… Oh! And by the way, we’ll
take your 2nd and 3rd round draft picks for the next two years’ (the
length left on Herm’s present contract with the Jets). Hey, business is
business. We gave up a first rounder and three other picks to get Bill Parcells and we got a first rounder back (Shaun Ellis) in the Bill Bellichek fiasco— Peterson should be overjoyed to get his darling Herm for such a bargain basement rate.

It’s a very sweet story for KC, I can just read the headlines now— ‘Longtime
assistant returns home’,
 ‘Grand Master coach **** Vermeil passes the
  ‘KC turns from Verm to Herm’. 
Here in New York though, you’re more likely to read— ‘Herm the Worm slinks out of town’, ‘Benedict
Edwards’, ‘Thanks for Nuthin!

Herman_edwards_to_kc_4When the New York media first got wind of conversations between
Edwards and Peterson in early November, Herm’s snippy responses to
their inquiries was down right shameful. Granted, it’s a tough position
to be in—talking to a another team about being their new head coach
while you still have half a season to coach with your current team. I
mean what was Herm going to say to his players in the lockeroom, "Guys,
I know we’ve lost our two top quarterbacks, our center, our left
tackle, our right guard, our strongside linebacker, the strength coach,
the waterboy and Curtis isn’t feeling too well. It’s tough being 2-6
and the possibilities of us making the playoffs are pretty much, well,
that’s not important. What is important is that I believe in you! I
want you to play your godda*n hearts out there. Not for Me, not for
Curtis or Chad, not for the playoffs or the waterboy, but for pride!
Pride in yourselves, pride in each other and pride in this team. Oh,
and by the way, I’m hopping a flight to KC the minute the season’s
over, don’t take it personal, they’re just a better team."

Well, it’s time to bid adieu, so these are my final words to you Herm,

Hermmugedwards_3I wish you the best in Hank Stram
land and commend you for your good karma— you are darn lucky Woody
doesn’t rake you, Peterson and Vermeil over the coals for breaking the
NFL’s tampering rules. And please stop flashing that dopey smirk of yours, it waxes insincere. I hope that Woody gets a first rounder for you;
I hope that the draft pick we get in return becomes an All-Pro and
helps us knock you out of the playoffs next year; I hope that the
Chiefs’ offense becomes as predictable as you made the Jets’ offense;
and I hope that the next coach the Jets hire (Giants’ defensive
coordinator, Tim Lewis would put some bite back into the Jet’s
snout) is more than just a good talker, but is also a good
coach—Jets’ fans deserve it! Goodbye Mr. Edwards and GOOD RIDDANCE!

**You can read all the "Dear Herm" letters by going to the ‘Coaching’ category of this blog.



    With Curtis Martin’s career reaching it’s end and The emergence of KC’s new star running back LJ, do you think there is a possibility there previous star running back Priest Holmes, who will be back from injury next season, could go to the Jets for Herm?

    Would you like an extra ticket of mine for the Giants playoff game Sunday. Iread how much you enjoyed Tiki’s 220…Want another stub for the blog..

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!



    > Usually my email letters are channeled messages, but this week I
    > was moved by the power of the human spirit in a more religious

    > context and I thought I’d share that experience with you instead.


    > Some of you may know that along with being a psychic, spiritual

    > counselor, and author, I am an ordained interfaith minister. My

    > whole adult life, I’ve been working toward unburdening myself of

    > judgment, limiting beliefs, and odd visceral reactions. You know

    > the ones we all have when something foreign crosses our path.

    > They are the product of conditioning when we feel something full of

    > negative connotations.


    > A few years ago, as part of my healing process, I was inspired to

    > enter an intense year long interfaith seminary to study the world’s

    > religions, to understand the different beliefs and foundations of

    > faith.

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