Koby’s Coming Soon…

Kobyclemensap_2 Yep, it’s true! Yesterday, during Astros’ batting practice, Poppa Clemens buzzed his own son- almost put him on his you know what. On the pitch before the brushback, Koby leaned into a very friendly fastball  and with a flick of the wrist lifted it high over the leftfield wall. Then, as a sign of ultimate respect, the Rocket orchestrated some chin-music, knocking his son off the plate. The few fans and media in attendance broke into laughter. When asked what he had said  after receiving his father’s calling card, Koby laughed,

"I said, ‘I hit the ball good, hit it out of the ballpark, and the next pitch is up and in, what’s the deal? We were joking with it. We just jab at each other once in a while."

"That was probably one of the harder fastballs I cut loose," the elder Clemens said. "He got my attention. I wish he was around for Round 3 when I was really hot, but for some reason he didn’t come back."Kobyclemens_2

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