Mets Win! Mets Win! Mets Win!!!

3:06 AM in the morning

Mets_carlos_beltr_2My body is still recuperating and my brain is pretty much fried after the most draining game I’ve been too in a very long time. When I left for Shea this evening I thought I’d make it back home for one of my favorites, ‘The Charlie Rose Show’. Well the Show went on without me as did ‘Nightline’, ‘Letterman’ and the rest of late night television. But, what a game it was… 5 hours and 22 minutes of grueling drama- the longest game in the majors this season and the longest at Shea since 1995. Thankfully, I can say that all is well here in the wee hours as I sit rejoicing over the Mets’ 27th victory of the season- a 9-8, 16-inning, 521-pitch marathon. So many highlights, so many pitchers, so many hitters, the Mets were going to have to suit up Rusty Staub (at the game for a fund raiser) to play if the goose eggs continued. Thank God it ended when it did, cause we were getting very close to seeing Carlos Delgado behind the plate and Tom Glavine in left field.

Throughout, the Mets never gave up, fighting back from a four-run deficit this team just wouldn’t quit. The bullpen was unbelievable. The Phils scored their last runs in the seventh inning and then the Mets’ marvelous bullpen proceeded to throw 9 shutout innings. Darren Oliver earns a special Cabbie Honk for keeping the hope alive with four gritty innings of work to keep us afloat until Carlos Beltran finally ended this epic battle with a rope over the rightfield fence well past midnight.

Mets_win_1I also have to give special Cabbie Honks to Jose Reyes for his bomb in the eighth that tied the game

and made the extra frames possible; Paul LoDuca for catching all 16 innings and throwing out Chase Utley in the top of the 16th when even lifting his arms was beyond the call of duty; Cliff Floyd for hitting every ball on the button and playing great defense; Endy Chavez for his speeeeeeeeed; Julio Franco and Chris Woodward for honoring Rusty with big-time pinch-hits; Pedro Feliciano, Jorge Julio, Duaner Sanchez, Billy Wagner and Chad Bradford for their sterling relief; Carlos Beltran for maybe the biggest home run in his Mets’ career; and to my friend Robert and all the die-hard Mets’ fans who cheered their freakin’ lungs out until the joyous end.

I am now ready to collapse into my bed, but I will leave you with one last thought,

Go Metsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!



    Give Madden a honk for his stellar performance as well, he unfortunately threw one pitch too many. After viwing multiple replays Utley was safe despite a strong throw from LoDuca in the 16th, but the call makes up for the bad call against Beltran at second earlier. What goes around comes around as Beltran would have been the winning run earlier had he not been called out, it’s only fitting that he was the deciding run in the end. Wish I were there.



    Excellent description of the game. Lots of details man! This is my first comment and keeping it very simple. Will keep in touch with your site.

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