The Gunslingers

Thou_shall__2You wouldn’t need more than both hands to count how many runners have stolen a base on Ivan Rodriguez this
year. Even at his advanced age, I-Rod continues to be the premier
gunslinger among catchers in the major leagues. His reputation is so
feared that only 29 men have even attempted to steal on him this year
and 19 have returned to the dugout shaking their heads. I-Rod’s 66%
ratio of catching basestealers is by far the best of the best. If you
consider the opposite end of the pole and realize that 93 men have
attempted a swipe on the much maligned arm of Mike Piazza, you can easily see the extreme caution runners take when Rodriguez is behind the plate.

When I-Rod finally retires, the title of quickest trigger in the majors will most likely fall to the Cards’ Yadier Molina. Yadier and his brother Jose Molina
continue to carry the Molina mantle as a basestealer’s nightmare.
Yadier has pegged 21 of 48 would be thieves (44%) while brother Jose
has caught 19 of 41 (46%).Pudge7_jpg_4

Runners might also want to take extra precaution when facing a few
other backstops with small cannons attached to their shoulders. Ramon Hernandez in Baltimore has thrown out 34 of 79 (43%), Florida’s Miguel Olivio has been anything but sunshine for mad-dashers by catching 27 of 68 (40%) and Yorvilt Torrealba in Colorado has nabbed 21 of 50 (42%) would be stealers.

When are runners going to finally take heed and stop running on Jorge Posada.
Posada might still have difficulty blocking the occasional ball in the
dirt, but he has been one of the best all year at throwing out runners,
34 of 90 (38%). Runners are also becoming aware of the fact that Joe Mauer
is about a lot more than hitting. Mauer has thrown out 17 of 46 for a
nifty 37%. And here’s a word to the wise, even though Texas no longer
is the home of I-Rod, one should still be very careful when setting
their sites on second base. Starting catcher Rod Barajas has nailed 19 of 49 (39%) while back-up Gerald Laird has converted on a sizzling 18 of 33 (55%).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, runners should by all means
continue to take liberties with reckless abandon when facing the likes
of Mike Piazza, 11 for 93 (12%); Benji Molina, 14 for 76 (18%); Michael Barrett, 21 for 106 (20%); and A.J. Pierzynski, 19 for 93 (20%). Even if Piazza has the day off in San Diego, a runners chances are pretty good as back-up Josh Bard
is almost as pitiful, 9 for 55 (16%).  Fantasy owners might also want
to make sure their speedsters are in the lineup when facing the Red Sox
or the Nationals (on days Brian Schneider isn’t catching). Boston’s Javier Lopez
has only hit on 5 of 37 (14%) while injured Jason Varitek is just 12
for 52 (23%). The worst of the worst though might be the Nationals
catchers on days Scneider is not behind the plate. Matt Lecroy has thrown out only 1 of 21 (5%) while Robert Fick is 1 for 12 (8%).

As of Aug. 27,2006

Here are the best of the best and the worst of the worst when it comes to throwing out runners in 2006 (Minimum 25 SBA):

CS (Caught Stealing) SBA (Stolen Base Attempts) CS % (Percentage Of Runners Caught Stealing)

Gunslingers                         CS      SBA       CS %

Ivan Rodriguez (Tigers)           19        29         66%

Gerald Laird (Rangers)            18        33         55%

Matt Treanor (Marlins)              15        32         47%

Jose Molina (Angels)                19        41         46%

Yadier Molina (Cardinals)        21        48         44%

Ramon Hernandez (Orioles)   34        79         43%Gunslinger_2

Henry Blanco (Cubs)                13        30         43%

Yorvit Torrealba (Rockies)      21        50         42%

Jason Larue (Reds)                  13        32         41%

Miguel Olivio (Marlins)              27        68         40%

Rod Barajas (Rangers)            19        49         39%

Jorge Posada (Yankees)         34        90         38%

John Buck (Royals)                  16        42         38%

Ronny Paulino (Pirates)           31        83         37%

Joe Mauer (Twins)                    17        46         37%

Mike Lieberthal (Phillies)        16        43          37%


Toreadors                              CS      SBA        CS %

Mike Piazza (Padres)                11         93         12%

Javier Lopez (Red Sox)             5          37         14%

Josh Bard (Padres)                     9          55         16%

Victor Martinez (Indians)          16         94         17%

Mike Rivera (Brewers)                5          28         17%Toreador_art

Benji Molina (Blue Jays)           14          76         18%

Michael Barrett (Cubs)             21       106         20%

A.J. Pierzynski (White Sox)     19          93         20%

Sal Fasano (Yankees)                 8          40         20%

Doug Mirabelli (Red Sox)           9          42          21%

Chad Moeller (Brewers)              6          28          21%

Paul Lo Duca (Mets)                   20         90          22%

Brad Ausmus (Astros)               14         65          22%

Jason Varitek (Red Sox)           12         52          23%

Todd Pratt (Braves)                      7          30          23%

Josh Paul (Devil Rays)               10         42          24%



  1. Zack

    Poor Piazza. I mean…screw him! What a chump! I mean…I don’t know what I mean, but I did enjoy reading this.

    -The Baseball Collector


    Nice Job…You simply never brilliant article after another. When will the bigwig sports editors catch on?



    Oh yeah…what are you going to do about the ones you “Caught Stealing” your premise for an article…..ONE WORD…

    Ok two words

    PLAGARISM *****


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