Holding The Maine

Sailboat2_1As the Mets set off into the gusting winds of the postseason, like any
good sailor trying to stay on course they must continue to hold the
main sail. The main sail for any playoff journey is pitching. And while
Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine and Billy Wagner might be steering this Mets’ boat, young John Maine could be the the most important sail aboard the ship.

While Pedro and Tommy G will most likely start the first two games
of any playoff series, the game three and four starters could be the
difference in them winning any series. If the season were to end today,
Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez and Steve Trachsel would
almost definitely be the back end of any playoff rotation. So, where
does that leave arguably the Mets most successful starter in the month
of August? It leaves him him holding the main. When the Mets begin
their Fall Classic run, they will most likely have the luxury of having
John Maine added to their already sturdy bullpen. In fact, John Maine
could very easily become Billy Wagner’s main set-up man or, in the least,
a fantastic alternative to Aaron Heilman. Maine will also be
the first man called upon should any of the starters get knocked out
early. And because of the physical fragility of the Mets’ first three
starters, he could very well start a playoff game when all is said and

MaineMany playoff teams never have the starting pitching depth to help their bullpens when October play
begins. The ones that do usually find the added boost to be quite advantagous. Last season Kelvim Escobar moved to the bullpen and was instrumental in the Angels defeating the Yankees in the divisional round, tossing 7 IP while allowing only 1 ER
and picking up a key victory. In the other divisional match-up last
season, El Duque proved how valuable a little extra depth is when he
helped the White Sox win their divisional round series with the Red
Sox by tossing three sterling shutout relief-innings in the clinching
game. In game five of the 2004 ALCS Tim Wakefield personified
the importance of an effective swingman when he shut the Yankees down
for the final three innings of a fourteen inning classic to help the
Red Sox stave off elimination, and allow them to eventually win the
World Series. And let’s not forget Dontrelle Willis’ important contribution (2.2 shutout IP) coming out of the pen to help the Florida Marlins defeat the New York Yankees in the 2003 World Series.

So, while other NL playoff contenders like the St. Louis Cardinals,
the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Houston Astros,
the Cincinnati Reds and the San Diego Padres scuttle to reinforce
their bullpens for that final playoff push, the Mets will have a Maine
man to help keep their ship on course!

                                                  Maine’s Fast Facts


Measurements                          Drafted                                   Age

6’4" 205 lbs.                           6th rd. in 2002                               25

Minor League Stats               MLB Stats                         2006 MLB Stats
30-24        3.24 ERA               6-7    4.78 ERA                    4-3    3.50 ERA
495 K’s      146  BB                 73 K’s    45  BB                    48 K’s    18  BB

Repertoire                               Best Pitch                        2006 Highlights

Two Seam Fastball             Fastball (92-94 MPH)              26.2 Consecutive  Slider                                      (sinking action)                        Shutout IP
Changeup                                                                           Avg.vs RH (.186)


  1. tony@noblemusic.net

    I would love an article from you entitled CHEMISTRY.How this Mets team has managed to avoid any team slump…any slump in general this season is incredible. After all the years that the Mo Vaughns were brought in and the “This is the year” team was promised..It’s happened!! Omar and Willie are the MVP’s.



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