Anibal’s No-No Needs Some Slo-Mo!

Anibals_nono_4 As the old saying goes, "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story". In the aftermath of Florida Marlins’ Anibal Sanchez’s no-hitter Wednesday night, it appears that ESPN, MSG, SNY, all the network news shows and every other highlight show I watched on TV decided to follow this old moniker. There were many catchy angles to this story— "Anibal breaks the longest no-hitter drought in major league history”, "Sanchez throws first no-hitter in over two years", "Marlins’ hurler becomes first rookie since Bud Smith in 2001 to toss a no-hitter", but not one, NOT ONE slow-motion replay of the final out of this historic moment. Why is this a big deal? Well, because to the naked eye Eric Byrnes looked SAFE! How’s this for a story headline, "Umpire blows call on last play of a no-hitter!". I mean didn’t one sports producer think that it might have made a good story to highlight the drama of such a close play. And not just any play, but the last play of a no-hitter.

If you read the paper tomorrow, the print media will have you believe that Byrnes was retired on a routine ground out. But, in truth, shortstop Hanley Ramirez turned into a nervous nellie and took his sweet time in throwing the ball over to first, and what should have been routine became a bang-bang play. Byrnes actually might have had himself an infield hit. Now, I’m not saying he was definitely safe, but it was so dang close that the sports media might have wanted to show at leastRevisionist_history one slow motion angle to its audience so we could get a closer look. I mean for godsake, there was only a no-hitter on the line! But, who am I to get in the way of a good story? Have your no-hitter, rejoice in it, dream about it, mark it in the record books, but please when you retell the story to your grandkids of how it went down, remember to tell them that Eric Byrnes might have actually been robbed of a hit on the last play of the game by an overzealous umpire. Remember to tell them that this might have been one of the greatest blown calls in recent baseball history. And remember to tell them that Anibal’s no-hitter might not have been a no-hitter afterall. But, without a slow motion replay we’ll never know.




  1. Kellia

    Usually, Mark, but not in this case. Arguing at that point would have only made Byrnes look like a petulant spoil-sport.


    Cynical journalist me finds the lack of the camera shot from the infield that would have shown the ball going into the first baseman’s glove troubling. Why didn’t anyone show it from that angle and/or slo-mo?


    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes

  2. Carl

    That’s my whole point Keila. If ever there was a play that warranted a replay, that was it. The lack of critical sports reporting is beginning to really bug me.


    Sorry, but I have to agree with Keila on this one. The point isn’t whether he was out or safe, but that it was so dang close that the audience deserved a slow motion replay.

  3. Carl

    No deviating Matt,

    The title of the blog is Anibal’s No-No Needs some Slo-Mo! The sports media was derelict in their duty by pretending the last play was routine—when in truth Byrnes might have been safe. But we’ll never know because not one sports producer deemed it necessary to air a slow motion replay!

  4. Matt


    The “script” I had in mind wasn’t your remarks, which meet the usual high standards, but MLBs preferred “script” of a feel- good no hitter, sans any controversy; IOW, I was trying to support one of your underlying points with a joke needling MLB.

    I agree with the central point that gametime replays should’ve been made available, given the circumstances.

    I was able to freeze a particular frame where the ball appears to be 2 to 3 feet from Helms’ glove while Byrnes is about 2 or 3 feet from the bag. While not conclusive, I’ve projected, from this, that Byrnes was most likely out.


    Next Article….KC’s Rise to the bottom…..Wow they OWN Boston.
    Bostons new nickname Beantown Babies

    How bout something on Cashmans trade deadline magic…NICE JOB..ABREU For president..NO make it JETER for Batting title MVP and President…Abreu for VP

    GO YANKEES!!!!!


  6. Zack

    Wow, Cabbie, excellent point. I finally saw a replay of the last out (no slo-mo, of course), and it DID look close. Goshdarn.

    -The Baseball Collector

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