Glavine The Great!


                                Mets Win Game 2Mets_playoff_logo_1


                                    Tom Glavine

                IP        H        R        ER        BB        K

               6.0         4        0          0           2         2



  1. Zack

    Very pretty entry. Nice graphics. Nice fonts, colors, photos, layout. And nice work by the Mets, of course.

    -The Baseball Collector


    Eough Said..Stop..this lengthy diatribe on Glavine has to be edited down…Seriously though, what a game.

    I cant wait to see your blog on what the Yankees need to do in the offseason. I know you mentioned the Angels may have a deal for Arod..What about the Rockies? Lots of good young talent to Harvest. Lets get some young guns in the Bronx and ship AROD out…or I may have to become a Mets Fan

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