“We Play Tonight, We Win Tonight!”

Mets_fans_2 O’k folks, this one is for all the marbles! Other than           John Maine, every pitcher will be available to go tonight. Winning this game might not be easy, but it’s doable.           Jeff Suppan has been darn good down the stretch for the Cardinals, but I guarantee the Mets are going to make him work a lot harder than he had to work in Game 3. We had a good long look at him four days ago and he’s going to have to change his pattern because you can bet your bottom dollar Carlos Delgado and company will be ready for him.

Why The Mets Can Win Game 7!

1. Fresh Arm—Even though he’s going on three days rest, Oliver Perez is fairly fresh having hardly pitched since late September.   

2. Oliver Perez has been pretty darn good in his career at Shea Stadium:
    4 GS    26 IP    14 H    9 ER    11 BB    25 K’s    3.12 ERA    0.96 WHIP    .157 BAA

3. Inspiration—The Mets are playing on their home turf and the Shea Faithful will help to spur the Mets on when the going gets tough.

4. The Best Bullpen— The men in the pen are the best in the NL. Albeit Billy Wagner’s struggles, the relievers have shined in this series. If Oliver Perez can give us a solid 4 IP, there’s no reason the bullpen can’t continue to carry us to victory.

5. Jose Reyes is hot! If he gets on base tonight, watch out because the Mets offense could erupt.

6. Tony Larussa is not starting So Taguchi even though he is their hottest hitter-                        BIG MISTAKE!

7. Carlos and Carlos Connection— Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran will not be shut down this time around.Lets_go_mets_1

8. Special Cabbie Prayer that will help boost the Mets’ Chances:

    "We Play Tonight
     We Win Tonight!"


                        Hold Onto your Seats Here We Go!


  1. phurrballe@aol.com

    Wow – heart attack time….but I still have faith in Perez. I agree – 3 or 4 innings and then start bringing in the pen, one by one. Love the white rags waving..is that a spoof on the Cardinal fans rags???

    Anyway, lets go Mets!!!!

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