Thank You

I want to thank everyone for their heartfelt condolences. All the sentiments were deeply appreciated.  Reading them made me feel like I was attending a blog-emorial (another new word for the blog-ictionary). I want you all to know that the funeral was a beautiful affair. My father was given a military tribute, fittingly on Pearl Harbor Day. The bugler playing off in the distance while two soldiers folded the flag (which was so intricate it took at least 5 minutes to perform), the simple and sincere sharings of family and friends, and a touch of Beethoven, all under a warm and sunny sky overlooking the Montauk Sound made for a spectacular atmosphere. A consoling deer even showed up as the casket was being lowered. He stopped for a moment as if paying respects before galloping off into the woods. The bright orange light of the waning gibbous moon shone brilliantly over us that night as we reflected on this momentous occasion.


            New Year !


              Carl the Cabbie


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