Arson In The Mets’ Bullpen!

OUCH! Watching the Mets is becoming more painful than a nightly root canal. A week ago Willie Randolphand Mets’ fans were thinking about who we should rest down the stretch
and here we are five days later crossing our nail bitten fingers, and
praying to the baseball gods that we’ll even make the playoffs. So what
the heck has gone so wrong?

A. Willie Randolph’s brain has gone numb
B. The Mets are playing the field like the Keystone Cops
C. The Mets bullpen STINKS!
D. All of the above

Auditioning For The Part Of The Scarecrow In The Wizard Of Oz

Oz_scarecrow_1Message to Willie, STOP using Jorge Sosa, Scott Schoeneweis, Aaron Sele and
Guillermo Mota.
There’s a reason all four of them were still free agents a month before
the season began. Next time the Mets need a reliever before the 7th
inning, I call on all Mets’ fans to yell the name Philip Humber
at the top of their lungs. ****, we only drafted this guy in the 1st
round a couple of years ago. You’d think Willie would want to find out
if he could help the weakest part of this team. Look how it panned out
for Joe Torre when he gave Joba Chamberlain and Edwar Ramirez a shot.

Keystone Cops

6 errors in one game! 12 errors in 4 games! Willie, make this team
play Pepper every day for the next two weeks. If that doesn’t tighten
things up, hire a Lasik surgeon as your team doctor and petition the
commissoner for an extra fielder.

Firemen or Arsonists?

The four aformentioned arsonists have pitched a combined 262.1 innings this year to the tune of a 5.11 ERA and a 1.51 WHIP. If you subtract the 80 IP
Sosa threw as a starter, these four account for 48% of the Mets’
bullpen innings this season. Willie needs to watch more basketball. In
the NBA, there’s an old strategy teams employ during the stretch run,
it’s called "shortening the rotation".

Time to face the hard facts Willie- You have two pretty good relievers, Aaron
and Pedro Feliciano, and a lights out closer, Billy Wagner. You
need at least two more reliable guys for the playoffs. You have 12
games to find out who they are.

Maine Man

The time has come to make bold moves. With Pedro "Maestro" Martinez
back in the fold, the Mets have five starters. That means one of them
is going to end up in the bullpen SHOULD we make the playoffs. Tom Glavine and Martinez are the top two starters, and Oliver Perez is way too wild to count on to enter a game with men on base. So, there are only two choices- Orlando Hernandez and John Maine. While El Duque has pitched in relief before, his body is just too finicky at his age to
be counted on to pitch every two or three days. That leaves the young and fresh arm of John Maine.Maine_up1

While Maine has been god-awful the past two months, most of his
troubles have come the third time through a lineup. And for good
reason, he lacks a solid third pitch. But, the two good pitches he does
have are more than enough for him to be successful for an inning or
two. His fastball/slider combination is a deadly duo that could work
perfectly in a seventh or eight inning role.

Unfortunately, Omar Minaya made some bad decisions after the
All-Star break. Not adding an arm before the trade deadline could prove
to be the Mets’ downfall. Not adding Humber or Kevin Mulvey
(the Mets’ minor league pitcher of the year) before September has
limited the Mets’ options even further come playoff time, since neither
would be eligible for the playoff roster.

Cabbie Recipe For Success

The good news is that all is not lost, and the Mets are still
leading the Phillies in this race to the ribbon. Remember Mets’ fans,
the Cardinals were stumbling to the finish line in similar fashion last
year. But, it is time for Willie and his crew to wake up. So, here’s my
Cabbie recipe for repairing this train wreck of a bullpen:

1. Get John Maine prepared for a late inning role NOW!

2. Use Philip Humber and Mike Pelfrey as much as needed over the next two weeks.

3. Soak El Duque’s foot in Epson-salt.






    This is why I thank god i’m a Yankee fan. Our biggest question is how do we get Doug, Jason Melky and Damon all into our lineup. Some stumble into the playoffs others rumble.



    this is a great article and this is when I think you are at your best cabbie! You made the same prediction about John Maine 4 months ago. I don’t know if you saw him drop the lead against Washington, and give Ronnie Beliard probably the most satisfying home run of his life so far.
    I also like your optimism. So they dropped a few games. We can’t give up on them now! Let’s Go Mets! Let’s Go Mets! It’s time to put on our rally caps and remember this is Pedro’s team!!!


    also would like to add that Omar Minaya may have made some mistakes, but we have to remember he assembled this team and got Shea full again.
    You are absolutely right about the minor league pitchers they didn’t bring up for playoff eligibility. In the playoffs last year and years before, there have often been lights out pitching by young guys whose enthusiasm and intensity is unmatched possibly in any sport


    Cabbie: what is up with this team??? They are falling apart in almost every phase of the game. The offense is fine but otherwise its not looking so good. What’s sad is that its not like the Phillies are that great a team! Agree that Maine belongs in the bullpen and they need to bring in Humber in key situations. At the end of the day, let’s hope this is a situation where they hold off these weaklings in the NL East and then pull off what Detroit and St Louis did last year (weak ending to the season but a World Series appearance)

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