Loose As A Goose, One Pitch At A Time

My good karma gestures of the week go to the Washington Nationals. Matt Chico, you can ride in my cab for free anytime. Jason Bergmann, I will wear a "Jason Bergmann is the best pitcher in baseball t-shirt"  for an entire week if you beat the Phils tomorrow. And a big Cabbie shout-out to John Maine, you were fan-FREAKIN-tastic today! Same goes for you Lastings Milledge. O’k, now back to work.

Coach Cabbie’s Pre-Game Speech To The Mets (Game 162)

I offer you nothing but tough love. I’m glad to finally see some fire in the old gut. Mets’ fans have been waiting.  A matter of fact, I think Mets’ fans have shown a tremendous amount of faith and support this entire month, even through the late September slide. As players and coaches, we now need to show the same effort and heart as we’ve gotten from the fans all year long.

So, make sure you run out every ball tomorrow Reyes… Don’t leave the bat on your shoulder this time Beltran… Delgado, pay attention to that shift like you did today and keep going the other way… Watch the uppercutting Wright, we just need a bunch of base hits… Moises, lay off the inside pitch… Tommy G, do your thang… Bullpen, forget the past and throw STRIKES… And Willie, everybody but Maine should be available, including Ron Darling up in the booth if you need him. It’s now up to every single player and coach to man-up and get the job done!

Stay focused, get a good night’s rest, and let’s show some patience with Dontrelle tomorrow. No more tightness, we’ve already blown it, and thanks to Matt Chico and the Nationals we still have a shot.

So, play with all you got and stay loose as a goose. Loose as a goose, one pitch at a time… those are my Cabbie words of wisdom for ya.



Gooooooooooooooooooooooo Mets!

One comment

  1. osarayli@rcn.com

    I’m in absolute shock….and yet I’m not. It was like yesterday’s game was a tease and they returned to reality. Minaya needs to seriously think about how to re-tool this pitching staff so that another meltdown doesn’t occur again. The starting pitching is too erratic and old and the bullpen…..I’ve never seen one part of a team go from being so strong to god awful in one year. Cabbie, I await your end of the season assessment, but I don’t think there was a lot Willie could do here. It comes down to who’s on the mound and Omar loaded it up with too many old guys, castoffs and overhyped youngsters.

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