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MLBlogosphere Anniversary Poem

Happy Anniversary MLBlogs!

One thing I learned from the very beginning, "If you blog they will come". O’k maybe many of us won’t get as many readers as Tommy Lasorda or David Wright, but baseball blogites will read and comment and comment and read, if for no other reason than we all think we know something and we all like to gather as much baseball-ology as our big bloggerheads can fit. So here’s to Baseball Blogs everywhere:

If there’s anyone who knows about Getting It Wright when it comes to gathering baseballs it’s the Collector, and while Lasorda has his critics, The Royals Optimist is shooing away the cynics; Haren’s Got Some Heat, but Will Carroll’s body’s goin’ to get beat if he keeps eating In-N-Out meat; O’k Red Sox Chick you got some competition cause Boston’s Best Blog is claiming to be New England’s highest on the hog; Crawley’s Cub Kingdom is praying for Prior to become sire, at least before Maddux is ready to retire; RadioMans Korner is hoping for the Braves to return to the days of Bob Horner; James Edgar is Talkin’ Tribe, but Adam Hoge has got Sox Pride; Yes, I know Canadians Love Baseball Too, so here’s hoping the Jays’ can reenact Waterloo; Here’s to Murray Cook for taking care of the Field and to A Brew Crew Coup who thinks the Brewers have got the Central sealed; If you’re tired of this earth than try Jorge Cantu’s World, or Daryl’s Place, but if you want to read about the Astros you better try The Space Race; For the smaller market you got Bucco’s Blog and Deep Fried Fish, but you better visit Brooks Robinson if you want the old-time dish; You want some good info, you got Dugout Joe with a Diary of the down-low and Beck’s Blog which will get you drunk on Tigers’ Grog; Relax with the Tao of Steve who talks D’Backs with aplomb, but it’s Da Bronx who is the Yankees’ fans Bomb; If you’re sitting at Busch instead of out on the links then Obviously You’re Not A Golfer, but if Daddy Raised A Cardinals Fan then it must be All In The Cards, so go root real hard over there at Cardinal Nation; Oh, and if you’ve got Latin in your blood and you don’t want to read about Curt Flood then try La Carrera Espacial in another blog neighborhood (just pretend you’re from Brooklyn and pronounce it neighborhud). Well, it seems I’ve
lost the timing in all my bad rhyming, so I will leave you with one last blog, just another cog in the MLBlog-O-sphere— Remember, here at INSIDE PITCH you’ll never have to hitch, so if you want to hear the baseball straight and you’re up kinda late just holler cause this Cabbie’s always got a tip for you.




                  Carl The Cabbie